Sunday, August 6, 2017

Special Boy

Oh, those eyes! How gorgeous those eyes are, Oliver.  Of course your gramma and grampa think you are very special. Longing to see you, your brother and sister again. Yes, we get to do FaceTime once in a while, but we would love to see you every day. However, life just doesn't give us that choice at this time. 

It is a sad thing to live far away from close family.  I remember the old days when most families lived in the same towns, many times on the same farms and sometimes even in extensions on the old house. There wasn't much moving around...of course when the country was young, they sometimes moved many miles away to settle new areas. I think they would have migrated with much of their families, but I really don't know.

The second world war, I know, caused quite a bit of moving from families, when younger members moved to areas where there were factories for making materials needed for war, for example. This area of the country brought many in from surrounding states to work in the rubber factories.

Back then, not only was there no FaceTime, but most people had a telephone on a party line; so that one would have to wait his/her turn to make a call. Anything made over a distance was charged for each minute of least that is the way I think it worked. That was even expensive when I went away to college.  It has only been a short time since we became able to make long distance calls on our cell phones without any additional cost. Wow, I am rambling! And I'm not sure I'm being factual either...just going by my failing memory.

Back on the track I many families now are spread all over the states, like ours. Just us and our kids  and grandkids are spread over 8 states. It is sad. Even with modern methods of communica-tion, it is hard to keep up with each other's lives. It is difficult to feel close, at least it is for me. I miss my family.

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