Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wolverine Farm and Letterpress

Colorado is full of opportunities for families. Here at Wolverine Farm and Letterpress, Julia and her mom, Beth, hang out in this interesting room with a metal wall. There are letter and word magnets for play. Julia kept busy with that, while her brother, Oliver, was upstairs in a classroom.

For those who covered me with prayers yesterday, I am feeling MUCH better today...no freezing spells, no pain, except for minor little twinges. Thank you all. God bless you.

Due to my feeling well and having a full calendar, I've been very busy all day.

Even though I am not a TV aficionado, I do have one show, in case you don't know, that I watch 'religiously'. That is Tucker Carlson. I get very amused by his ability to get the best of liberals who are obviously  are sorely uniformed, yet think they are brilliant. It is very sad in some ways to view the ignorance of those who were schooled by socialistic indoctrinated teachers and professors. They cannot think on their own. All they can do is spout fake statistics and talking points. They are like robots. That part is truly sad, but I am quite entertained by Tucker, who not only knows what he is talking about and is quick and able to think on his feet..while keeping his sense of humor and charm.

May God protect our nation from those in our country and the whole world who are out to destroy us.

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