Friday, August 25, 2017

Love Versus Stress

This layout is probably not finished. However, it may seem that I myself am about finished.  I had no idea that going with a new publisher would be so difficult for me. It must be because of my age. But oh my, such stress. I'm having to change my modus operandi. If you are over 65, you might understand what I mean. For  the youngsters, change is a is the way they are programmed, but for me...I really don't appreciate it much. When I find a perfect way to do something, why change?  

Unlike My Publisher whom I've dealt with for several years, other publishers do not make (let) you download their software so that one can work at home.  They have some type of deal where you have to do it all online. The ones I've tried are poorly planned and not at all easy to understand. There are many videos online for the company which I am trying  right now. However, just plain finding my way around their site and figuring out how to do things is getting to me.

Back to my layout. If I didn't have to spend days just trying to figure out something that should be very simple, I would have time to finish this layout and develop others.

This layout shows the little visit we had with our great granddaughter Ava on August the fifth this year. I love my iPhone. As she ran around the table, round and round, and making me dizzy, I snapped this pic. It stopped her motion well. There was no other way to get a picture that day because she was FULL OF ENERGY!  I was very happy to get this lovely picture, even though there was no way we could get her to stand still a few seconds and pose.

So, to sum it all up. I love my great granddaughter, Ava. I love this picture. I love that I was able to publish over 60 books with My Publisher before they sold to another company. But I am  completely overwhelmed that the new company demolished the old and changed my life substantially.

I believe in prayer. I believe in praying for my loved ones.

I also believe this is an issue about which I should pray, so I am. I am praying that I can adjust and find a way to learn what I need  to accomplish what I need (want) to do.

If you care about seniors, I ask you to pray for my adaptation as well.

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