Friday, August 18, 2017

Serious Packing

When it was  time for Ashley and her family to head to Indiana for the Rubik's Cube competition and her anime 'gathering', the packing began. From four years of packing her car for dorm life, her mom, Chelle had become an expert...her skill came in handy this day as it has many times in their lives as a family of 5.

Our great room was the gathering place for everything that had to be put into their car. Just to look at the piles, one would guess they would need a moving van! But with skill they were able to get everything well as the kids. Amazing!!! 

Here is Ashley with her wigs for the anime characters she would portray in a couple of days. There was a red wig for Shippo, a blond wig for Little Medusa, and a blue cap with horns for Nepeta from Homestruck. 

Although to me it just seems a lot  like Halloween, I'm glad Ashley enjoys herself during these adventures. She is particularly good at art and drawing the characters and she enjoys seeing them come alive.

I am glad to know that they are now home and that they are in an area where  they should get a great view of the eclipse coming up on Monday. They have their glasses ready. I'm thrilled they have that opportunity. Ron and I don't even have the glasses, and I don't plan to buy them at this point. I think I'll just stay in the house and watch on TV...hopefully that will be possible.

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