Thursday, August 17, 2017

Last Thursday I missed a very important lunch date with some of my high school class members. It had been scheduled for three months.  I had looked forward to it and took it hard that I had forgotten.

Today I was struggling with a big problem. I have another book ready for publishing, but My Publisher had been sold and I have been told that the company that bought it is a lot different. I don't know whether to stick with them or go with another company. I am having trouble contacting one of the companies and not sure about the answers from the other one. Well, anyway, while I was working on that problem, Connie called me and asked me if I were having lunch with them (her and Karen) today. It so happened that at least a month ago, we had set aside today for that get together. Yes, this was the second Thursday in a row that I had messed up...and I had been so careful setting the dates. 

Connie  had gotten there early, but both were at Brix in Green and were waiting to order. At that point I was already 15 minutes late, so I decided to go as I was. I was dressed, thank God, because I'm not always when I'm working hard at the computer. I even had on earrings...but NO make up, so I did take a couple of minutes to throw some on my face and then rushed over. It took me 20 minutes...yes, I saw a policeman and slowed for a minute. 

Sorry I made them wait, but glad I took time off for the visit, which we realized afterwards was a whole  year after our last meeting. Karen and I see each other occasionally when our schedules are similar, but Connie, an old friend from Curves no longer works out with us.

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