Thursday, August 3, 2017

It's the Outdoorsy Look

Can't imagine a place he would feel more at home. Caleb is an outdoorsy kind of guy.  He's 7 already.
He loves soccer and basketball and is a great sportsman. It is a shame he doesn't live near us, so we could attend all his games. So far, we have only seen him play one soccer game. That was great fun.
But I have to admit, I like basketball even better and would be thrilled to see him actually play. All I've seen are photos that caught the action. They were really cool.  I posted some of them here June 27th.  He is very special in my eyes. He is very kind,  a big help, and the oldest of three.

We love you very much, Caleb. Keep that big smile. It warms my heart.

Speaking of smiles, they are contagious. I know if you live in New York city, you probably think I'm a whacked out hick or something. Just try it some time. Smile at someone. Of course there again, if you live in NYC, you might get a dirty look or something worse. But in the real world, a smile will be welcomed. Around here, people generally smile back.

Caleb, that smile alone will get you a long way; but also study hard and you will do very well.

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