Friday, August 4, 2017

Is It a Painting?

When I got these photos from FaceBook, they were very small. Because I had so many great pictures of the kids at that time (these were taken just a day or so after the professional pictures) I hadn't taken the time to enlarge them. When I did, I was amazed at the fact that the picture with Julia, in the foreground running after the boys at the marsh, looks just like a painting. Although there isn't much to see of the kids... no has become one of my most prized pictures. Since these are my favorite hikers. I would love a large canvas with it over my fireplace.

It has been a very cloudy day here today. Just north of us were some pretty bad thunder storms and several areas were without power for some time. A couple of my friends were in places of business when the electricity went out and it was pretty difficult when they couldn't pay with credit cards.  I can see that being exceedingly hard if one had eaten a meal and then not had the money to cover it, which  could have been me; since I never seem to have any cash.

Because of the bad weather, I seem to have done more sitting today...and napping, than I generally do
so I'm hoping I will be able to make up for that tomorrow.

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