Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hello, I'm Back

While I've been busy changing the size of 100 pages for my book (that I first made to fit My Publisher books) so they will fit in Shutterfly books, I've been letting too many other things slide. This blog is one. I really hate to do that. As Ron says, I'm a rule follower. Even though this is my own 'thing', I feel I need to post every night. But more and more as I grow older and slower, I miss posting more often.

I didn't get a post in for the eclipse or the first day of school for my grandchildren...all major happenings in life. I hope to do better in the future and am really anxious to make layouts about those two events for sure.

We're going back to the first of July for this family photo of John, Beth and children, taken in a local park near their home in CO.

In unappreciation for the idiocy that is going on in our country these last weeks, I will take a knee and pray for the maturing of our nation, so that eventually those who are acting like 3 year olds throwing tantrums, will grow up and take on some  responsibility for improving conditions by actually thinking, making wise decisions and working.  Please pray along. 

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