Thursday, August 31, 2017

Old Friends

While visiting Indiana, Greg and Aussie needed the car for the Rubik's Cube competition that  day, so when Chelle, Ashley and Mason tired of the hotel, they decided to walk to Applebee's. On the way, they ran into an old friend from their neighborhood...and here is the picture to prove it.

OK, enough of my bad jokes. I believe I explained my stress this last weekend when I was trying a new publisher after My Publisher sold out.

Today, I received my new book made by Shutterfly and I am well pleased. It is everything I wanted. I can be proud to show it to friends and family. What a blessing that is after having so much trouble getting acquainted with their site. Not only was it well done, it was delivered in a timely fashion.  Less that a full week.

There is one problem. They offered me a coupon for the next one,  but it would have to be ready for printing by October 15th. I have 15 pages completed right now, but that means I'd need to do 85 more in the next month and 1/2. That is  pretty intense. I think I will have enough pictures to do that, but that would mean I would have to do 2 pages almost every day. The problem, contrary to what some may think, I do have a life. Perhaps, I should give up everything else and just sit down at the computer until I finish all the layouts. That could solve another major problem. I should lose weight. I am not within reach of food here.

Please join me in continued prayer for the Houston area and all those who have left their homes to help with the rescue, protection, and clean up.

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