Thursday, October 6, 2011


If you've been awake the last few weeks you probably have heard 9-9-9.  Perhaps you even know what it is.  I do and I'm very impressed.  I'm impressed with the plan and I'm impressed with the man.
Some polls now show him ahead of Romney.  That is good to hear. Herman Cain has been a success at everything he has done.  We need him at the helm.  Learn about him.  Pray for him. But most of all pray for this nation.

The layout is from our trip to Greenfield Village in Michigan.  It shows a portion of Main Street and a quote by Sinclair Lewis:  "Main Street is the climax of civilization."

I love the picture of Barb and Ron walking up to the intersection of Main Street where they will soon pass Miller School.  My Miller blood appreciates that.  I really enjoy prominent shadows and the fence cast a lovely one that day.

I was very interested in the Wright Brothers Cycle Shop...Perhaps because our son has his own bamboo bicycle shop in Colorado which intrigues me.  

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