Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Does He Like?

On Friday night I posted a layout of what I liked in Greenfield Village. I liked the whole package, but I was especially attracted to the simple pottery. But my husband, Ron, while enjoying the day, was consciously seeking out places to eat.  He would find them and linger nearby until the rest of us would catch up with him.  He talked us into lunch that way.  But it didn't seem too lunch after eating that he decided it was time for an icy treat and he took us on a speedy walk to a place he had spotted earlier that a frozen custard shop.  And since I had him to take pictures of me throughout the day by signs, he wanted his by this sign.  You see one of the prominent thoughts in Ron's head is filling his tummy and he loves frozen custard.  But I have to admit it. I often like to eat as well, especially when it comes to treats. I do love frozen custard. As a matter of fact, Ron and I are both addicted to the DQ  (Dairy Queen)  Heath Blizzards. We have been known to skip dinner to go to DQ.

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