Friday, October 21, 2011


Looks like Caleb stuck his finger in a socket the way his hair is standing up.   He lives in a dry climate and probably has static electricity up there. I love it. He is such a cute tow head.

While he was enjoying his new backyard with his dog Rado, his mama snapped this darling picture.

Speaking of electricity, how many of you have heard what our president said about the price of electricity? If not, just click on the web address below and hear him :

With this is mind ask yourself why our government gave a company $529 million to make a $97,000 sports car called Fisker Karma in Finland. It seems they can't find a place to build it here...probably can't find workers either since all of ours are already employed. (sic)  Of course the company like other green ones is losing money fast.  Doesn't matter. The American taxpayers love to pay taxes and are thrilled to have empty pockets.

May God help us see what is happening and empower us to overcome the forces that are taking us down a road to ruin.

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