Saturday, October 15, 2011

Celebrate Talent

We've just returned from Nashville where we were privileged to see The Lullaby of Broadway  A golden age cabaret.  The triplets had practiced well and performed beautifully. I love the way they learned these old songs and knew every word of all 14 of the songs, even the ones in which they didn't sing.

Some of the songs they sang were: Ashley, 'Paper Moon'.  The two boys, "Wink and a Smile'.   My favorite was when the three of them worked as a trio  on 'Together Wherever We Go', which was so appropriate for triplets. It was choreographed expertly and they carried it out very well.

While celebrating talent and desire to work hard, I'm failing to appreciate the recent actions of several officials (Who are these people?) in the Obama Administration who have announced their plan to suspend the deportation orders of 300,000 illegal aliens, that have already been issued by a U.S. court of law.

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