Sunday, October 16, 2011

A View of Fall

From the great room, we can see fall in the back yard. Since this was taken on October 7th, there isn't much color.  But one can see in center stage...a burning bush.  We have three and love their color. Our trees are mostly oak and not so delightful.  Now, on October 16th, one would expect more color than there is.  I'm not sure why, perhaps the many cold nights, but we don't have as much color as usual.  As a matter of fact, many, many leaves have come down already.  They  turned a dull brownish hue before falling. Last fall was so very splendid that the colors are still vivid in my memory.

  God saw to it that every location has it's own beauty.  Just like people,  they are not all alike.

May your fall be wonderful wherever you are and may the love of God dwell richly in your heart.

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