Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back in Time

While we are only going back a month to our trip to Michigan, the Ford Museum took us back a hundred years. Back to a time we didn't really know.  But some things and stories have been preserved for us so that we can get an idea of what life was like then.  I have to admit I didn't enjoy studying history while I was in school, but now I realize the importance of knowing what has gone before us. I know that history repeats itself...mostly because people forget and make the same mistakes over and over again...and get the same consequences.

Of course right now, we are falling into some of the same traps that have been laid before in affluent societies. All Americans had been 'rich' compared to the rest of the world, but greed and jealousy is changing all that.  We are constantly hearing the Robin Hood mantra...steal from the 'rich' and give to the poor.  What we really need are the 'rich' who can produce jobs for the 'poor' so that they can earn themselves a comfortable living.    One of the needs of man is to feel worthwhile...to know they are needed.  It is very sad when some are reduced to begging from others in order to provide the bare necessities.   We all need to celebrate life, knowing that all people are worthy of respect when they work at producing products or services. It doesn't matter what that is.  Everyone has different abilities and all are important.  In capitalism, it is possible to work extremely hard, long hours if one wants to go that route to 'get ahead'.  The rest of us, who do not desire that type of life fully dedicated to work, are able to make a good living and enjoy other endeavors as well.

At present we are fighting a battle against socialists and radical Islam.  It is a very rough time, unlike the years Ron and I grew up after World War II.

Could we have prevented much of this if we had known our history?  Perhaps, but many have a tried to warn us.  Are we listening?  Back in March of this year Rush Limbaugh  predicted that Egypt would fall into the hands of Islamists who would initiate Sharia Law.  But our leaders either refused to listen, or knew and helped it happen. Now we are seeing country after country fall into Sharia.  God help us.

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