Friday, October 7, 2011

Cain is Not Playing Around

Caleb spent some time at the playground. He was serious as he climbed to the top of the slide, but gleeful on the way down.

Everything  reminds me of politics right now.  We have a serious campaign going on and I am gleeful when I hear some of the great candidates who are wanting to be the nominee on the Republican tticket.

I just listened to a video of Herman Cain  as he was interviewed by the avowed socialist Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC.     Cain did not let him get away with anything.  He exposed his twisting tricks one by one.  Not only has Mr. Cain succeeded at everything he has ever tried, he is quick.

I have always admired black people who work hard, persevere and do well.  They are working against the current sometimes.  Many on the left feel like blacks can not do anything without special help. It just isn't so.  They have brains just like anyone else!  And Herman Cain is an excellent example of that!

He has risen to the top of the list of candidates.  He can win.  And he should win.    The man has a plan...a very good plan.

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