Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Best Foot Forward

I'm sure all of you can see flaws in this layout...but the one that jumps out at me is their feet.  They seem to be hanging in mid air.  The picture needs to be grounded.  But it is too late to fix it now. My blog deadline of midnight is coming up soon.  However the cool thing about digital is, I CAN fix it when I have the time.   (I have since fixed the layout.  However, I'm still not happy and may change it again some day.)

This was Aussie sitting in his assigned place as they got ready to go on stage, where he put his best  foot forward and entertained the audience with his monolog first and then raised his voice in song.

Tonight was the Republican debate in Vegas.  They all tried to put their best feet forward as they answered the questions asked. It is very interesting to listen to each answer. If a person is not good 'on his feet' he or she has no business being president.

By the way, I read that  TOTUS, our president's teleprompter was stolen from a white panel truck in VA.  NBC reported at about 12:30 PM today that the truck had been recovered...but no word on TOTUS.

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