Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Duck Eggs

I am praying that mother duck returns and hatches her little ducklings.  We have way too many Canada geese here, but way to few ducks.

You can read the story by clicking on the page to see it larger.

As exciting as this was for me, it was actually set back in significance when tonight after life group, the guys proceeded to disassemble our piano  so that it would go through the living room  door. We want  to store it there while our floors are being refinished \ in the great room/ kitchen.

We women were on pins and needles expecting any time that the piano would fall on them, especially when Dave crawled under it to screw off the legs. It would not fit through the door any other way.  It just didn't seem right to remove the legs with someone under the table. But they had thought about that and used a  couple of kitchen stools to keep it up and stable.

I don't know what you call the back part of a baby grand, but  they had already moved that part.  Now the pieces are leaning against a wall and I'm wondering how I will survive the floor refinishing project.

May God give us peace.

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