Friday, April 5, 2013

Much Needed Haircut

I fought this for quite some time. Hadn't had my haircut this year until a couple of weeks ago. Then I told her to just give it some shape. I wanted it to get long...why? I don't really know. I just got a good start on it when me hairdresser was in Wales for long while.  

Yesterday, I couldn't stand it any longer. I'm used to waking up and shaking my hair back into place, if indeed it had moved during the night.  No hair spray. No fuss. But with the longer hair, I found out why people say 'bed hair'. Yikes! Mine looked like someone turned a mixer on, in it every morning. Too much work  trying to get it to look fairly good.  Not worth the time...I am getting older, you know. I have better things to do...

Now that I'm satisfied with me hair, I wish there were some quick fixes for a nose that won't stop growing. 

 Enough vanity.  On to the news. 

President Obama sparked a controversy when he called California's Kamala Harris the 'best-looking attorney general in the country.'  

She is the lady on your right.  

More questions were raised when Michelle called herself a 'single mother'.

I have no comments , opinions perhaps, but no comment at present.

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