Sunday, April 7, 2013

Go Artistic Using PSE

I really enjoy the creativity that is possible with PSE (Photoshop Elements). In case you don't know about it, it is a cheaper version for digital scrapbookers, etc who are not likely to buy  Photoshop because of the prohibitive price charged to companies.  You might think it isn't very good, because of the difference in  price...approximately $100 while the price of Photoshop is about $600.  I would assume that, if I didn't know better.  There really isn't a lot of difference and PSE is easier to use.
I would advise anyone wanting to do digital scrapbooking or simple editing of photos to buy PSE. 

Above is an example of one of the artistic things that can be done.  Go ahead, click to enlarge it and take a look.  You may or may not like the affect, but surely you would admit it adds some interest to the layout.

This is our grandson Caleb and his dog Rado. If you knew how many years Rado was an 'only child', you would appreciate the way he has taken to Caleb. I love these boy/dog photos.  

Today has been a rough one in this household. Don't take me wrong...there's nothing tragic, but there are irritations.  What is the saying?  things happen in threes? Well we have three 'worries' for the day. I am praying that God works them all out before long so that we can keep our eyes on the one who will lead us home.   

May God bless you with peace and comfort.

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