Friday, April 19, 2013

War Horse

Last evening, Ron and I went to Cleveland with friends to see War Horse ( part of the Key Bank Broadway Series)  at  the lovely Palace Theatre.  The Broadway Buzz before the show with Joe Garry was very informative.

 From the mid section of the third row, we had a great perspective, yet I failed to understand it well. Some of the actors, while trying to speak in accents, did not enunciate clearly and were difficult to understand.

Joey, the large horse puppet manned by three people, was intricate and certainly wonderful for a puppet, but I KNOW I would much rather see a movie  with real horses.  And from  the third  row, I would have been able to see a horse's big soft eyes, the part of the animal that grabs my heart.

In my opinion, you might want to see the play because of it's originality. But to enjoy the story and landscapes, I plan to watch the movie.

We thank our God tonight that the two perpetrators of the bombing at the Boston Marathon will now receive their just least the  first one will and I forseee that the younger of the two, having been caught tonight will have to answer for his wickedness.

The more I think of it though, I really feel badly for these boys. According to reports, they were clean living boys, who had they been Christians, would have been encouraged to love their enemies and not to kill them. After living a full life here, they would  have inherited an eternal home in heaven with God, where there is no sickness, and no pain.

Because they heeded the Islamic call for jihad, it  is not a happy ending.  They will be extremely disappointed.

Speaking of war and disappointment...Congress voted down the extra stringent gun checks, so our lovely president went over their heads again today and made it law.  Guess we don't really need Congress anymore, since he has just taken away their power and our freedom. 

 To make it worse, he did it while we watched and prayed  for the search in Boston.

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