Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mason and his dad have a good time. I've had these pictures since St Patrick's Day.  Think I'm behind in the scrapbooking? It's worse that you think. I need to do a book of my hubby's family. I would also like to do a book of my family life from 1951- 1961. But on top of that, I could also make at least one more book of the first four children's early childhood.  

We had Ladies' retreat this weekend at the Cuyahoga Vally National Park. I'm starting to nod, so must get to bed before I actually fall out of this chair. 

Tomorrow, I'll be working on getting some pictures together for the Ladies' Retreat History book which Paulette has made for us over the last 35 or so years. Am also hoping to get a copy of the group picture that Sali took this afternoon.

Good night. 

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