Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Music runs deep in the family. Ron's dad played a banjo and sang in a barbershop quartet. His mother was a great  honky tonk pianist who played by ear. He learned to play an accordian as a boy and plays the  piano as  well. 

I took piano lessons for six years, but quit practicing after I found my adult handspan was not adequate.

 Caleb's dad played the saxophone and taught himself to play a guitar while he and Beth were in Bulgaria.

His mom played the chello  from the 3rd grade, through high school.

Caleb had played around with musical instruments including drums, a guitar, Ron's old glockenspiel and of course the piano. I certainly will be surprised if he doesn't do well when he starts lessons, if he even needs them.

He always likes to play around with our piano, but this year he surprised us by quickly turning it on, finding the presets and using them.  I still have no idea how to do that...oh yes, I can turn it on...but that is only because it simply has an on/off switch and I did manage to find where it is hidden.

Last night I was reprimanded for posting a couple of layouts and neglecting to blog. I won't attempt to make up for that tonight. But while I can still hold my eyes open,  I'd like to give my opinion of the PC pronouncement that the  term 'illegal immigrant' is no longer permissible. Now, the term came into being just a short time ago...replacing 'illegal alien', which in fact is who we are talking about. A person can not be an illegal immigrant, because the term 'immigrant' suggests that he/she has come into the country legally. 

Now that we no longer have free expression, but our language is being changed radically to put our brains in boxes that fit with the new leftist agenda, we must understand that we may no longer use 'illegal' to refer to a person, but only an action.  This is as in the newly changed way of referring to a schizophrenic as a person diagnosed  with schizophrenia. 

It is pointed out that language evolves. Yes, that is true, but usually it is over time and not mandated by the press and  media.  

Forgive me if I am not PC. I don't mean to be cruel or rude, but I still prefer to call a rose, a rose and a spade, a spade.

Recently I heard an even better term used for illegal aliens...that is Undocumented Democrats. Okay, I know that is a stretch...but it is funny if you realize why our borders may as well have welcome signs.

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