Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Am I in my second childhood, or does this come along with grandmotherhood? I like  to pretend.
While Caleb was visiting...it seems  so long ago now... we did a little shopping at Toys R US, very little, so as not to spoil him and being considerate of luggage space.  The highlight of our trip was a ride right inside the  door. Caleb noticed it...of course. We rounded up a quarter  or two and he jumped into the driver's seat.  Here's where my love to pretend comes in. I grabbed a few pictures that would make it look like he was actually on Sesame Street. The photoshopping was fun...Cookie Monster decided he wanted in the picture as well.

Now if only I could pretend  that the youthful little Korean leader was playing golf instead of making war threats. Well I guess I could pretend, but  he  keeps reminding us that any day now he might bomb all our Toys R Us stores. Yikes!

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