Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ladies' Retreat

Cinnamon, Carrie, Memphis, Lou Ann, Jan and Emily

Ladies' Retreat is something we girls look forward to all year.  Not long after retreat is over, planning begins for the next year.  All that work pays off, for many women come back year to year, some traveling to get to the Cuyahoga Valley.

This year was no different. There were inspiring speakers, singing,  games, mixers, crafts and then our talented Jane presented her Hilarious Half comic routine that  tested the limits of sanity. We got a little nuts and laughed like crazy.

We have been taking group pictures for years and this year, because of threatening rain, we posed inside.  It wasn't as scenic, and a few people were pretty much hiding behind others. We still got a fairly good photo.

Several of us younger [sic] girls in the front row decided we wanted to spice up the picture a bit.
Oh, it is okay. As you can see we did behave for the first shots.

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