Thursday, April 4, 2013


The first video game I knew about was Pac Man, if you can call that one. I remember staying up late at night playing it because the kids fought over it all day. I would put them to bed and sit there for hours wearing a blister ... I think it was on my thumb. I can remember what the big yellow case looked like and of course, Pac Man.  But that is all I remember. 

At that time, we would have never thought that some day two years olds, ( Caleb had just turned three.) would be playing games on a small flat  hand held telephone! 

 I also remember our first portable  phone. It was made by Motorola in the early 70's.   

We bought it so that we could have it when we were out in the boat.  It was the size of maybe 25-30 of our cell phones today and had an extendable antenna on it.  We had another antenna on the roof of our house.  The phone would work as long as we weren't too far from that antenna. I don't remember how far that was, but I'll guess only about a mile. 

The game came out a few years after that... back in the old days...1980.  

While watching America Idol tonight, I saw a commercial for home schooling using  a computer.
It is sad how many people now find it better to school their own kids than to send them to public schools. Of course  our youngest would have been homeschooled, it we hadn't been able to send him to a private, Christian school...and that was back in the 80's.

While many of us are eschewing public schools, one of  our schools along the border with Mexico is teaching Mexicans. Yes many immigrants now live in the US and many illegal aliens as well.  But the school in Naco, AZ  has 60 elementary age kids...who actually live in Mexico.  Each day, they all come together across the border unattended and after school, return on the same path.

Jason Chaffetz (R- Utah) has been touring the US- Mexico border recently to  document the dire need for enhanced security all along it.  He says that the children are not tall enough to ride most of the rides at Disneyland and yet they are crossing an international border alone.

Where are our leaders? While about the only thing our federal government is supposed to do for us is protect us, we are now pretty much left on our own to do that. And while that is true, now Americans who have been frightened by the liberal press  are joining those in authority who are trying their best to strip us of guns that our Constitution encouraged for our protection.

I pray it is not too late to take our heads out of the sand.

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