Monday, April 22, 2013

Ducks in a Row

I suppose, Caleb is demonstrating his organizational skills. He has all his ducks (match book cars) in a row.  It is an ability we should all develop  for ourselves.

I am an organized person, except that I have way too much stuff. I'm concerned at times that I have some type of hoarding disorder, but then would I recognize it in myself? Let's put it this way. I have way to much stuff, some I'm afraid to get rid of because if things get bad I, or someone I know, might need it. Yes, I believe that is a little crazy, yet I keep things like that.  There are other things  I think are too good to throw away, but I don't know anyone who would want them.  Once in a while I take a few bags of things to Goodwill, but I should take more. It's not that I'm buying that much anymore, but I have in the past.

Okay, I've been on a tangent. What I want to say is that one would think that the FBI would be organized enough to keep track of those in the country who have already been questioned about their terrorist activities. Are they too busy singling out Bible Thumpers and those who have gun collections, and then lose track of the terrorists?

It seems amazing to me that the older Tsarnaev, had gotten so much attention from many people and was interviewed by the FBI and yet he managed with only a green card to leave the country for six months last year and then reenter the country.  

It also shakes my belief in the system when people who are terrorists are not treated as such, but are given trials meant for ordinary criminals.

There is so much that confuses me about this whole thing...and there is a nagging feeling that these two were not the only ones involved.

After the attack in 2001, there were many signs around the country saying, God Bless America. Now we need signs saying God Forgive America.  I may make one.

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