Friday, April 19, 2013

Gorilla Butt

I am so thankful for a hubby who is trying to cook now and then. After  forty some years cooking for a family, I'm done. Well, not exactly, but I really don't look forward to it very often. Ron still likes to eat, especially breakfast. Instant oatmeal with raisins just doesn't do it for him; so he has learned to cook bacon and eggs.

While John and family were here, Ron was very helpful and fixed the morning meal each day. All I had to do was clean up. He might not be the neatest guy in the neighborhood, but at least he is helping and our family is not starving in the mornings.

If you noticed the title and are wondering what that is all about, Gorilla Butt is the name of the coffee beans Ron gets from our friend Steve, who brings them from Honduras.

 I'm not a coffee drinker, not because of that name; but had I been one, those beans may have turned me away from drinking joe. I just can't imagine why in the world anyone would have named anything to be ingested with a name like that. It doesn't really sound appealing.  I don't know if our guests drink it just to be nice,  if they have a sense of humor...or if they just NEED that cup of coffee in the AM.

This evening we picked up friends and headed to Cleveland for the play War Horse.  We stopped on the way to eat at Creek side, which is our favorite place to eat before a play.

 While we were there, the FBI  released the pictures at 5:20 PM, of two who are most likely the ones who perpetrated the Boston Marathon bombing. Their web site crashed not long after the announcement was made. Obviously many people have checked to see those pictures. I'm praying that someone recognizes them and they are apprehended quickly.

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