Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Three's Company..

These pictures show how much Caleb was enjoying the water before we got the bright idea of turning on the jets.  In all on one second, John hit the jet control knob and water blasted  through the  air and Caleb jumped out of the tub. Day before yesterday, you saw him on the side of the tub contemplating the evilness of that water gone wacko. He was not getting in again.
However, when we got the idea to join him in the tub...or more accurately for him to join us there, we were successful in getting him back to the water...but even that was not easy.

 In the News:  To me, at times like this when we all feel more vulnerable, it is a comfort to know that we can go to God for shelter, as  under the wings of an eagle.   And we know that whether or not we 'catch' the one or ones who perpetrated this dastard and cowardly 'bombing' in Boston will be punished by our God in heaven. Even if some way he/they were to escape judgement here on earth, God will give them their due in the afterlife...and to their surprise it won't be virgins, 
but they will be with Satan in a fiery furnace.

I don't want anyone to end up like that, not even cruel people who would carry out such a hideous act against their fellow man.  I will pray that the one, or ones guilty will see their evil ways and turn from their wickedness and to God for forgiveness.

I pray for all those who were injured. I also ask that God  comfort their families and friends and the loved ones of those who died. I also ask God to comfort those who have been told that this is a new norm for our country. God, please save us from that type of fear.

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