Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve Layout

I couldn't leave these pictures 'unscrapbooked'.

Nor could I leave you uninformed of the big power grab in the executive branch.  Our president and his socialist cronies have found ways to work around Congress, thus knocking our government off balance. There are three branches, the executive, the legislative and the judicial.  With his overriding executive orders, the president is usurping the power of Congress, thus putting way to much control at his level.

Before the 'Health' bill was passed, the clause providing pay for doctors to consult with Medicare patients who want voluntary counseling about health-care options in the case of terminal illness was deleted from the bill because we don't want it. Large numbers of the population raised up in alarm. The bill could not have passed with that provision in it.

 But our president, who installed Dr. Donald M Berwich by sidestepping the Senate ( which would not sanction his appointment),  has made him administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  This man  advocates health care rationing outright and he loves the British National Health Service, which has 'death panels'.  So by executive action, we will now be provided that 'service'.

  Naturally doctors have done  that counseling  without federal interference.  But now, the ruling class in Washington will have some say as to whether or not you are worth the treatment.  Should this not be solely up to the doctor and the patient?  This leaves the door open for the 'death panels' Sarah Palin warned us about.

Now you know.  Keep after Congress to take back the power the Constitution gave them.

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