Monday, December 20, 2010

Hair Styles

Styles come and go.  I remember when the Beatles were popular. Older people were all alarmed by their long hair, which was short compared to the newest fad.

I am thankful for the short hair styles that were in while I was in high school.  The crew cut was the most popular (at least at our high school) with a few boys wearing duck tails which were longer, but slicked  back with some type of goo.  We called them 'hoods'.  It was not a compliment.

 I am also thankful that my boys had shorter haircuts.  But the longer hair has made it back.  Our grandsons Mason and Aussie, are sporting long shaggy hair with long bangs.  Of course, being a grandmother, I think they are cute when it is clean and combed...but that preference for short and neat is still in me.

Their mom, Chelle just had her hair cut as well.  It has grown a lot in the last year. Now they are ready for all their Christmas photos.

One thing I lament going out of style is  a reverence for the Constitution.   It looks like it may be coming back to the forefront, though with the last election showing that the majority is no longer snowed by the liberal press and TV.

This weekend the Dream Act was defeated in the Senate.  Would you believe that if it  had passed, illegals would have been given free dental and mental health care.  You realize that  American citizens don't even get those freebies.  But of course we would have been the ones paying for them with our taxes.

What do you suppose would cause anyone to even think about doing such a thing?  It sounds more like a nightmare to me.  Think about it.

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