Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christ's Home Office

The whole story is on the layout, but I'll repeat it. On Friday after Thanksgiving, we decided to leave the next day so that we could attend 'our own' church on Sunday morning. Besides, as Ron says, we didn't want to stay too long because company is like fish. After three days, it stinks.

So at about 9:30 we headed west. I think from where we were in Oxford, we had to travel the whole Pennsylvania Dutch country lengthwise. It is a wonderfully beautiful trip. The farms with their large barns and silos are quite pleasing to my eyes. We passed through very small towns once in a while. At one point a sign caught my attention. It said simply, Christ's Home Office and had an arrow pointing toward a large old historic building back from the road.

I was really curious. And then I noticed we were in Paradise. Yes, that was the name of the town. I really had never thought of Jesus having an office on earth. But if he were to have one, it would be in Paradise.

Believe it. We passed right through Paradise. Didn't stop. Didn't collect our prize. We just moved on across the farmland and into the mountains and through four tunnels. Finally after 6 and a half hours we were home to our own little paradise on earth, Portage Lakes.

And from now on, I can say I've been to Paradise and seen Christ's home office and I look forward to going again some day... to an eternal Paradise where everything is perfect and I'll never want to leave and will never have to part company with God and all our beloved friends and family.

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