Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Although they don't live in Lancaster, April and Tim are next door in Chester county and have Amish neighbors. While we were there for Thanksgiving, we feasted on not one, but two turkeys. One was raised on the Amish farm down the street from them. Horses and buggies traverse the roads nearby. It's quite a beautiful area and there are lots of interesting and wonderful things t0 see in that area of the state. However, this trip we decided to go a few miles over to Delaware. We were anxious to see Winterthur, even though Ron was not up to walking through the gardens on a cold day. The house was filled with exquisite antique furniture. Our visit was lovely. But, once I saw the pictures, I was not really happy that we had worn our 'uniforms'. These backdrops called for much more formal dress.

Tomorrow evening, the movie Broke by Glenn Beck will be playing at local theaters throughout the states. I hope you get a chance to attend. It will be an educational experience.

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