Monday, December 13, 2010

Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold

Caleb likes to eat black bean soup at Panera's. But he wants it cold.

Guess I'll have to try it if Caleb likes it. However, I'll want mine hot, especially now that it is cold outside.

Of course while I'm complaining about 13 degrees, our sweet daughter, who just moved from Florida to North Carolina in June, has a temperature as I write this of 1.4 degrees. Makes my bones chill just hearing it.

Some like it hot, some like it cold. I have friends in both camps. Some are in misery here just waiting to go south after Christmas and others who are cherishing every snowflake that falls.
And there are some of us who don't like either extreme. We are the princesses...or would like to be. My range of comfortable temperatures is narrow.

Just like the differences in comfort with weather, there are differences in political opinion.
Our constitution supports my beliefs; so I am quite comfortable here in the United States as long as we adhere to that document. But there are others who, for some reason, do not appreciate the freedom it gives us. They would rather have big government rule (Possibly because they expect to be on the ruling end of the spectrum). There are many places in the world where they would feel more comfortable. Why don't they pick up and go there as people who like heat go south? Beats me. They would rather force the rest of us to live in their constricted world, a world with one government where choice is not an option.

Oh, and I suppose we could carry this analogy a bit farther. There are some princesses, who like to stand right in the middle of the road. They don't want to go to either extreme, they might say. They are a danger to us, for the one worlders will run right over them on their way to the top of the heap. All of us little people will just get trampled underfoot if and when democracy fails...princesses and all.

It may sometimes seem as if I'm a 'glass half empty type of person', but truly I'm not. I'm quite comfortable where I am, and when I've ranted about ignorance, go on about my merry way.

Happy Christmas shopping to you. Hope you are finding some good deals and have purchased or made things that will make someone happy.

Remember the poor. The Bible says they will always be with us. See if you can make a difference.

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