Friday, December 24, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life

What do young feeling oldsters do on Christmas Eve?   Well, if they've been cooking all day, it makes sense that they want to get out of the kitchen, so here they are. Everything will be festive tomorrow, so tonight is just a casual meal.

We've left the choice up to our friends and since Phyllis hasn't been in the Orient for over a week now, she chose Thai food.  Good choice, it you ask my opinion.  The food is terrific and the portions are 'take home a box' large.  Plenty leftovers...just what we need.  When will we eat them???

After dinner,  Phyllis and Ron had us follow them to their house...the long way, so that we could see a house lit up for the ultimate Christmas.   I have pictures of that as well.
Then we watched the movie (believe it or not I hadn't seen)  "It's a Wonderful Life". And of course we ate Christmas cookies.  It is a wonderful life.

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