Sunday, December 12, 2010

Colorado Sunshine

Mark Twain said, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute". Even though one can hear that spoken in many areas, Colorado may be the best example. This was taken Friday.

12/09/2010 03:53 PM MST - Gusty winds today and mild temperatures tomorrow will be the prelude to an approaching storm which will give Denver a chance of snow Friday night into Saturday. "

We've had our own 'warm' spell today. Yesterday we had about 4 inches of accumulated snow; but near freezing rain started last night and it rained, melting that snow until about 11:00 AM today, when it turned to snow. We have an all new blanket now. We are also on a travel warning. Supposedly expecting a blizzard.

The grocery store had been raided by the time we went after lunch. The bread aisle was hit the hardest. I suspect people will be eating a lot of sandwiches the next couple of days.

All this seems so mild compared to the blizzard we lived through in Boston in '76. Now THAT WAS A BLIZZARD!

I would like to add a photo taken from our daughter's house in Tennessee today and tell the story about how their little snow has crippled her town. and stripped their grocery shelves.

One would think I would know how to work this blog by now, but that one would be very wrong. I want to put the image here, but when I try it goes above the layout of Caleb. That irks me and in order to shield you from my complaining, I'm checking out for the night.

I'm hoping that wherever you are, you will be safe and sound and be able to enjoy whatever it is God has in store for you.

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