Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Little Drummer Boy

Christmas is getter closer as I type. I'm not ready. By this time, I should have sent out cards and almost finished my shopping. My decorating should be completed. It has not come to pass. I am not a patient person, especially with myself, so it is not setting well. I have tomorrow set aside for some serious planning and organizing chores. Surely it will all fall into place if the Lord wills it.

I'd rather be doing layouts, especially ones of grandchildren. This is one of those I did today... Our Little Drummer Boy. Caleb, like any other little one, is in love with drumming. He'll pound on anything. And, as any mother knows, one of the main purposes of pots and pans is to make music for little ears.

I have to brag a bit on Caleb. I asked his dad how he was doing with the Christmas tree. I remember what a draw that was for my babies and other pets. John said that Caleb had reached for something on the tree once and since he had told him 'no' , he had not bothered it at all. He will sit and look at it, but he doesn't touch. I love to hear that. There is nothing harder or more important than training a hard willed child. It takes a stern voice and persistence. And oh how they will try to wear you down. But it is not to their benefit to let them get away with it. We all have to learn to react appropriately to authority. So many are not these days. It is to their own detriment as well as the parent's...and eventually society at large.

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