Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stocking Unstuffer

Caleb must have been thinking how great it was that Jesus came to free us from our sins, because he was so very serious on Christmas morning.  It's almost as if he thought he was in school to learn about this thing called Christmas and he would be tested.  He didn't miss anything, except for a few packages.  He was deliberate with each one.

Sorry I'm not up to par on the world situation this week.  Christmas has been so very enjoyable, but It has taken a lot of my energy and I'm very tired already tonight.  I'm also having a slight allergic reaction to something I ate for dinner tonight. Although it was not hot, it 'scalded' the roof of my mouth. Two Benadryl   haven't worked, unless it is just making me sleepy and I'll be fine in the morning.

Read up on the Death Panels that were taken out of the "Health" Bill in order to get it passed. I'll tell you more tomorrow... and it is not good.

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