Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beautiful Ashley

The last couple of weeks have been so packed with good times and photo shoots, that I have many pictures yet to use in layouts. If I had them all done, we'd have enough for another  book. It  will take me some time to catch up with them.

I love this picture of Ashley. It is  very colorful and  soooo pretty.  I'm hoping she likes it as well as I do.

This is old news now, but I still can't get over our president saying the private sector is doing fine...like fine at what?  Choosing soup kitchens?  Cutting their budgets to the bone?  Shaving down their grocery lists? Filing for bankruptcy?  

I am glad that Mitt Romney is not letting him get away with the stupid things he says.  Because Mitt is on the offense, Obama had to retract that statement the same day.  

I'm glad to see people waking all around us..  Many are seeing the light and are no longer parroting the old song..."he's still cleaning up after Bush's mess". Can those who say that really still believe it? Do they not see how bad things are and that everything this president and his gang does is doing the exact opposite of what should be done to fix the economy? 

May our God deliver us and allow us to once again be a 'nation under God'.

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