Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Family Reunion Birthday

Our kids came in for a surprise Family reunion...birthday party for Ron. It was wonderful to be together like this. However, we really missed those who could not attend.  John and family came the farthest from Colorado, then Kim, then Chelle.  April is the closest,  but still has over 6 hours to drive.

We missed seeing Mark (California) and Tim (Florida).

Both of Ron's brothers live in town. Denny has all his children are here and while Jerry has two daughters out of state, one is still a local girl and was able to attend.

All the children were quite the entertainers and we had two stages for them to dance and sing.

I hope to make layouts of some of the very best pictures our daughter Chelle took; but right now, I'm longing for sleep and plan to hit the bed much earlier tonight than usual.

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