Friday, June 8, 2012

Tractors and Dirt

First of all, I am trying to post earlier tonight. Generally I leave it until the last part of my day, most get dropped into the blog near midnight.  Because of that, I very often make egregious errors in grammar, spelling, etc.  I was just reviewing some posts and  am totally embarrassed to admit  I actually made  mistakes a second grader wouldn't make.  So keep me on my toes. I don't mind if you comment and correct those gaffs. As a matter of fact, I welcome correction. I may learn something.

PaPa's tractors were the two biggest things on Caleb's mind while he was here.  He would say, Dirt, 
Tractor, Dig over and over. I suppose it is a little boy thing. I imagine he will want to be a construction worker.  His dad wanted to be a trash man at that age because he liked the way they took the bags out of the cans and slid them down the drive to their truck in snowy weather.  Of course he was also inquiring as to what a king did.  Okay...trash man or king...hmmmmm.

That made me think of our president who promised  Paradise and thinks of himself as a king, yet delivers trash. 

Be planning to vote.  With all the fraud the liberals are planning, we will need every red, white and blue vote we can get in November.

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