Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blue Eyes Beaming

Still haven't had time to do a layout, but just have to show you one of the 69 pictures I took of Caleb  today.   He had gone out to play with the ball. An older neighbor boy in Colorado has taught him  to kick a ball. So he thinks he is playing soccer. After kicking a while, he climbed up onto the swing, with his colorful ball, his big bright blue eyes beaming.  I snapped this photo.

 The swing kept him busy a while, then he went back to kicking. But the boat caught his attention and he started yelling  PaPa. We took him into the house and his grandpa couldn't resist, so even though it was getting close to his bedtime, we headed out on the boat, across the lake to the ice cream shop where we tied up the boat to a tree stump and sent PaPa and DaDa off for cones.

I am quite tired, been having too much fun, so instead of making a layout or two, I will soon be turning out the lights.

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