Thursday, June 14, 2012

Matchbox Cars

Evidently Matchbox cars are for the male of the doesn't matter the age.  PaPa, who was too busy when John was a boy to get down and play with these cars, enjoyed wheeling them around the floor. And they brought back memories for John. He is now interested in the age of each one.  Caleb liked playing with them and sharing them with his 'buddies'. It was a nice threesome there for a while.  For some reason, neither Mommy nor Gramma did anything more than pick them up and put them back into the box.  That is,  until Caleb started having a blast seeing how far he could roll them.  In an effort to keep them from ending up in the far corners of the room, I got down to intercept his rolls.  Then I would push them back to him. It was fun.  But I'm sure that instead of being entertained by the toys, I was loving his enthusiasm and joy. 

Children are a delight.  It is hard to think that as little as he is, he is in debt.  The present administration has handed all our children a tremendous bill to be paid for absolutely nothing but Obama's gambling on Solyndra, etc.  Makes me sick to think about it. We must vote him out of office in November. I wish we could do it sooner.  But unlike him, we cannot change the law just because we want to do that. Of course, neither can he, but it seems he just doesn't care about law...only his own desire.

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