Saturday, June 23, 2012

Play Ball

This little guy got every penny of fun out of that ball in a short time.  It was certainly entertaining for me and provided us with lots of shots for the book.  

Let's make this next election one for the books. Save our country for the younger ones coming up.  Let's not straddle them with loads of debt they must pay for odds and ends that we can do without.  We need to learn to spend money wisely. We need to vote for a change in the administration. Remember the charge in 2008? Hope and change... we really need that now.

Speaking of money, we have been advised by our president and his boys to forgo birthday, anniversary and wedding presents and send him the money. It is for a very good cause...cause he wants it to help with his campaign.  He has already driven up the American debt by campaigning for the last year or two, flying here and there on the private jets almost constantly. Now he needs you to dig deeper.  So remember and check his campaign website where you will be given suggestions on how to ask potential gift givers to send him money, instead of buying  yet another gravy bowl that you don't need. 
It certainly is a novel plan and an interesting registry.

I'm hoping it doesn't seem that I'm really selfish or worse; but I think I will not be doing that...not until he makes that a presidential edict.  Of course, given his record,  it could come to that.

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