Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Grandmother

My cousin who lives in Florida photographed an old photo she had of our grandmother and emailed it to me. Although it was not a good photograph and the picture had aged, I was able, after working on it for hours, to repair it a bit. 

I remember my mother having the same picture. She had hand colored it.  But as well as she painted, I could actually see my grandmother's features better in this copy.  

I would love to have known her. I see that my mom got her curly hair from her mother and I got my face shape from her.  We will never know,  since she passed away so young, if we cousins got our hair color, which is long lived from her, but I think that is the case.

In the local news.  A nearby city spent millions of dollars building fences on bridges to keep people from committing suicide. I imagine some people wanted to commit suicide today when they realized how much money went down the drain when a fellow drove onto the bridge, climbed on top of his car and jumped over the fence to his death.  In my opinion, when a person wants  to die, he/she will find a way.
We cannot prevent something so inevitable no matter what laws we make or how much money we spend.

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