Thursday, June 21, 2012

Caleb at Naturealm

Two is a wonderful age.  Everything is new and interesting. Caleb wanted to see all he could at Naturealm.

He is amazed by so many animals and insects that creep and crawl and fly and scamper.  The chipmunks were quite a treat since he is from Colorado where they don't have such creatures.   He watched the squirrels and their little cousins, the chipmunks, for a while as they hurried around the base of the bird feeders.  He also saw many different types of birds fly in and out of range as they fed.

Tonight, Ron and I, saw Sondheim. It was very much a downer...with the subject stating that his mother had written to him when he was 45 and told him she was sorry she ever gave birth to him.  His music was dissonant, mostly written in minor keys and often cacophonous.  In my opinion, we could have enjoyed sitting by the lake much better...and that would have been free. The only nice thing that redeemed the evening was being with our friends, Teece and Denny.

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