Monday, June 25, 2012

Sharing Moments

It's all the little moments that make a day and as sure as one is that  she will remember one of them, she will often forget.  I can hold only so many  bits of time in this brain of mine and then the rest slip away, first into faint memory and then into nothingness.  I am thankful for cameras that capture these little things and keep them fresh for us to check in on, over and over again through the years.

It is a special time when Caleb will sit still on my lap for a minute. He was very cooperative at Naturealm, not only with his pose, but his smile as well. What a joy it is for me to have this picture to see when he is miles and miles away and it will be when he is fully grown...if indeed I make it that long.

In the news is Arizona's attempt to protect themselves when the federal government is failing to do so. One part of the Supreme Court case came down in the state's favor, but otherwise it was a big disappointment. 

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