Monday, June 11, 2012

Taking Time To Smell the Roses

ORU gets busier and busier as we grow older. I never thought it would be this way.   Always thought things slowed down as you aged, especially past 60, but it doesn't.

 Of course not all of us are over 60 but some are and we are just as busy as the younger ones...oh I forgot Kalai whom no one could surpass in that category. I just received her  spring newsletter and emailed her  to ask if they really did all that in one year.

Back to this layout.  Today, we were able to get only 4 of us together for a celebration on the lake and a time to relax a little.  Everyone has had FULL days for some time now and we are all wanting to coast, a few hours at least, before going headlong into VBS mode.  Well two of us here are not in on that one, so we have a little reprieve before the next I write this I'm thinking, really??? I already have mine lined up and waiting.  Why are we like that?  I think it is inborn in us. We don't know any other way to live. If we were not busy, it couldn't be for long. We NEED to be doing something.

Still, today was a sweet time to let out frustrations and commiserate with each other.

 Of the 'girls' missing, two are traveling, one working and one sick (yes, that happens occasionally as well). And then there is Kalai, who is now in TX and trying to organize the state or something like that.

It's getting so bad, that we barely have time to run the world.  But even with just a few minutes, we could fix all that is wrong in this country.  We know the answers.  Just ask us...or stand around long enough and you'll hear.

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