Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Will We Ban Next?

While Chelle's family was here, we had ample time to take pictures, but it seems the camera was mostly pointed at the triplets...could it be because we adore them?  Any way,  Chelle and I needed to get a picture together, but we were always the ones shooting.

 Once when the kids were playing at Boettler Park with Greg and Ron officiating, Chelle and I took a nice walk through Southgate Park, a farm donated to the park system just a couple of years ago.   She took my picture as I leaned against a tree and then I took her picture.  Even though it doesn't look like it, we were trying to take shots  that I could combine in Photoshop.  However, I was leaning to my left and therefore away from her if I were to put her on my right as we had intended. It looked weird that way, so I switched and put her on my left.  However that put her right in front of a tree vined with poison ivy.  It is everywhere this year. 

In other words, this is not as dangerous as it looks.  She did not break out  in a rash and spoil her vacation.  She was actually on the other side of me, with plenty of distance between her and the three leaf  wonder plant. 

Vacations are fun, except maybe if one goes to NYC. They are waging war on the people.  First, they started with smoking.  I don't like smoke around me, so I wouldn't fight that.  Yet, because we didn't give them a big problem about that, they have rushed head long into other prohibitions that hit more and more people. Bloomberg then banned sugary beverages over 16 oz.  Hey, I don't drink anything that big either.  However if I wanted to once in a while, that should be my choice, not the government's! This is a free nation, where we can pursue happiness.  The only time I believe a person should be stopped from having that much sugar is when he/she is stealing it.  

Oh, and because he got away with the sugar ban, now he is cutting down on the amount of sodium in foods  given to  the hungry of New York.  

All these 'laws' will affect New Yorkers and tourists as well.

What will it be next?  If you have a guess, please add it to the comments.  Sooner or later, it will be something you feel strongly about.  Then you'll be sorry we stood back and let this man run lose in the city.