Thursday, June 7, 2012

Family Reunion Birthday

It isn't really accurate to call this a family portrait since so many were absent, but we'll go with what we have.  That is one thing about a large family...It is nearly impossible to get them all together when they all live in different states from California to Florida to Eastern Pennsylvania.  But whenever we plan something, there will be some who can be present.

This time, the kids wanted to give Ron a surprise birthday party for his 70th. They couldn't do it on his birthday.  They opted for the week before, with even more chance of it being a surprise.  Then they included his brothers and their families in order to make sure he would be there.  Two of our sons, Mark in CA and Tim in FL couldn't make it this time. Neither could Tim's children, Brandon and Brittanie. April's husband, Tim, and daughter, Lauren, couldn't be here and neither  could Kim's husband, Woody and her daughter, Leah.  We only had 12 of the 20 here, but it was a great surprise. 

I've already told them I don't want a party when I'm 70. I want them to wait until I'm 80 and call it my 60th.

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